The most complete and functional
training board on the market



The most complete and functional
training board on the market


Evolution of WOODOCLIMB CHANGE V1 it claims to be the most complete and versatile training board on the market. Thanks to its unique design and size, CHANGE enables outstanding static as well as dynamic training, combining the functionalities of a standard hangboard with the special features of a small Pan Gullich. CHANGE V2 is designed to allow the climber to use multiple possibilities of holds and run different training methods, for a truly complete upgrading of all the structures involved in the practice of climbing.

Change V2 integrates some technical suggestions coming from Alessandro Zeni with whom Woodoclimb, in May 2020, started a collaboration.

Here what he thinks about Change V2: “When precision in details is combined with the need to create a functional object to train at your best, it is clear that the result is what for me is the best climbing training board available on the market”. Cit. Alessandro Zeni

Main features:

Suggested Price  259€ (Tax incl.)



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